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Malabar Headland Coastal Walk

This walk is a relative newcomer to the Sydney Coastal Walk network, with the 2 sections forming the loop opening in 2017-2018 through collaboration between local Council and NSW National Parks.

Following the coastline is a section approximately 3km in length, featuring views back to Maroubra Beach and Coogee in the distance, before reaching Magic Point and Boora Point. The problem though, the ANZAC Rifle Range sees this section close when the range is in action. Details from NSW National Parks

Malabar Headland Coastal Walk
Freedivers enter the water from the rocks, and views to Maroubra Beach

Thanks to the more recently opened trail on the western side though, permanent access is available between South Maroubra and Malabar beaches, if missing some of the stunning clifftop views.

Malabar Headland Coastal Walk
On the return to South Maroubra along the western path.

Today, our highlights included smaller creatures along with some beautiful flowers and stunning cliffs, if you’re there in the right seasons and get lucky, you may spot some migrating whales or resting seals.

Malabar Headland Coastal Walk
Lots of legged reptiles scurrying around. We think this is a Bearded Dragon
Malabar Headland Coastal Walk
One of the Banksia variants seen
Malabar Headland Coastal Walk
Sydney’s well known sandstone presents layered wonders, contrasted with sheer cliffs dropping to vivid blue water

Malabar Headland has had many uses over the years, with military operations included for a large part of its European history. Remnants of fortification from World War II including gun emplacements remain, while others have been demolished over the years.

Malabar Headland Coastal Walk

After exploring the exposed trails along the sandstone cliffs, Malabar Beach can form a delightful rest-stop mid walk, or as a destination of its own. All the usual conveniences of a beach are present including public bathrooms and showers, a shaded kids’ playground and grassy knoll. It can be a great place to relax especially is Maroubra is a little busy or has too many waves for you.

Malabar Headland Coastal Walk
Malabar Beach is much smaller than nearby Maroubra, however offers a large sheltered bay
Malabar Headland Coastal Walk
A grassy knoll welcomes visitors. Stand-up paddlers can be seen enjoying the calm water.


Avoid days when the ANZAC Rifle Range is operating as this will limit you to the shorter western track

Access points are South Maroubra Beach carpark, or from either Pioneers Park or Malabar Beach. From South Maroubra you can start along the beach, or follow the large trail next to the large fenceline immediately behind the beach for the Coastal section; or follow the same fence away from the beach to find the stairs at the start of the western section. At the other end, the coastal section meets the end of Fishermans Road, next to the Malabar Boat Ramp and carpark, while the Western section starts at Pioneers Park. Between the 2 trails is some parkland that is an easy walk, and parking adjacent to both trailheads.

Bathrooms are available at either end, as are typical beach and parkland facilities. There is a cafe next to Malabar Beach, while Maroubra Beach has many options, an easy walk from South Maroubra. Continuing past Maroubra can link you with more Coastal Walk options towards Coogee and Bondi.

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