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Melbourne’s MFB covers Sydney Fire Stations

To many firefighters in NSW, the past week has flown by in a blur. It has been an extreme start to the bushfire season and so many have done what seems so ordinary to them, but extraordinary to others. They’ve put aside their own lives to go and help others in need and often from some distance away.

With large fires, it’s not uncommon for this assistance to come from interstate. Quite often we see specialists including Incident Management Team members flown in from other states. It’s also fairly common for bush fire brigade volunteers to send firefighters and tankers to assist at these large fires.

This week though, we saw something a lot less common. Melbourne’s MFB sent a number of pumpers to Sydney, and they weren’t tasked to the actual bushfire incident. Instead, they were sent to a number of City fire stations to standby and respond to run of the mill calls, allowing Fire & Rescue NSW to utilise their urban crews and appliances in the bushfire efforts.

As I understand it, 10 MFB Pumpers were sent to Sydney. Their crew of 4 on each pumper were split into a day and night shift. FRNSW joined them to create a crew of 2 MFB and 2 FRNSW firefighters on each shift. They responded to all calls as normal and these are reported to include at least one structure fire.

I managed to catch a few of these around shift change, as the FRNSW appliances were returning to station. The MFB crews should be heading home today, as the intensity of the bushfire crisis eases.

More images available here

1 City of Sydney

3 The Rocks

19 Silverwater

22 Leichhardt

23 Gladesville – the MFB Pumper was hiding behind the closed roller door

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Davidson Rural Fire Brigade Christmas Lights

Borgnis Street in Davidson is very well known for Christmas spirit. Some 18 years ago a handful of residents began decorating their homes with sparkling lights for the Christmas period. In more recent times, the entire street has become involved with vivid displays, attracting tens of thousands of visitors each year.

Davidson Rural Fire Brigade’s station is located at the entry to the street and has participated in the display for a number of years. The volunteer firefighters decorate the fire station with with a light display and each night in the lead up to Christmas, open the fire station to allow children to climb through the fire truck. Bush fire safety information is also provided to visitors and fundraising is conducted.

Rotary volunteers work with residents on the street to raise funds for Manly children’s hospice Bear Cottage

I was in attendance a week before Christmas this year to capture the excitement. Unfortunately the Brigade’s main tanker was called away to reports of a bush fire. After investigating the reports the tanker returned to continue the fun – the call was deemed a false alarm.

Firefighters are in attendance every night until Christmas, including Christmas Eve. Get along and meet them.

Davidson Rural Fire Brigade (NSWRFS)

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Davidson Rural Fire Brigade (NSWRFS) -33.739993, 151.197443 Davidson Rural Fire Brigade Station (NSW Rural Fire Service)
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NSW Police Air Wing (Polair) Open Day 2012

NSW Police Air Wing recently opened the doors of their hangar at Bankstown Airport to the public. I headed down to Bankstown on a warm Saturday morning and after a quick ID check with details noted on a check sheet, I was in the hangar.

Inside the main hangar were a number of displays and a merchandise stand. The newest aircraft, Polair 4 was set in the middle of the hangar as well as an old Highway Patrol Falcon 500. Outside on static display were Polair 5/Fireair 1, Polair 3 and vehicles from Police Rescue, Police Dog Squad, Marine Area Command and Fire & Rescue NSW. A Porsche demonstrator currently on loan to NSW Police was also present.

NSW Polair 4 - Airwing Open Day 2012Polair 24 or more commonly known as Polair 4, on display at thier Bankstown Airport Base during their 2012 Open DayNovember 2012

Shortly after arriving Polair 2 returned to land after a short flight, and did so around 100m from the barriers set up to keep visitors off the airfield.

NSW Polair 2 - Airwing Open Day 2012Polair 22 or more commonly known as Polair 2, returning to base at Bankstown airport during their 2012 Open DayNovember 2012

NSW Police Air Wing Open Day 2012 – Photos

NSW Police Air Wing Open Day 2012 – Photos

View photos at SmugMug

It was a great display, and the only difficult part was getting clear photos of the displays – always a challenge at these types of events. And as I left, I snuck in a great sausage sizzle!

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WA Fire & Rescue Service – Incident Control Vehicle

WA Fire & Rescue run one Incident Control Vehicle (ICV) in the Perth Metro area. The main role of the ICV is to enable communication, command and control at large scale incidents.

ICVs are equipped with Radios and other communications equipment such as facsimile, mobile telephone and data/internet capabilities to enable connectivity with the Communications Centre, and with crews at the incident. The ICV is also a location for the Incident Controller (IC) and Incident Management Team (IMT) to operate from.


Earlier models predominantly provided communications terminals and a small workspace internally, and carried awnings or tents to establish a larger working area outside the vehicle.
ICV2 at a Scrub Fire in Star Swamp

The outside of these earlier models was often utilised for ‘battle boards’ showing resource deployment, and Incident maps
ICV3 on Display at Perth's Open Day in 2004, with ICV2 in the background


The latest ICV for FRSWA saw a major upgrade, featuring a custom made body on a Scania Crew Cab Chassis. The ICV features a slide out section, which increases the internal workspace. The internal space provides separate communications and IMT space. A dedicated stairway and window enables the separation of crews reporting to the ICV from the IMT operations, reducing distraction and clutter.
WA Fire & Rescue's ICV at a large industrial fire near Perth Airport in 2010

Vehicle Details

ICV2: 1988 Nissan W40

ICV3: 1985 Toyota Coaster

ICV5: Scania P310 Crew Cab, with Purpose Built rear Body section.

View all images here


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WA Water Bombers at Jandakot Airport

liveitseeit updated gallery ‘WA Water Bombers at Jandakot Airport

WA Water Bombers at Jandakot Airport

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WA – NEW Pump Rescue for Bunbury FRS

liveitseeit updated gallery ‘WA – NEW Pump Rescue for Bunbury FRS

WA - NEW Pump Rescue for Bunbury FRS